Woywod provides a comprehensive service from project discussions to start-up in production mode. Project discussions serve to determine the basic data that will ensure the best possible offer for the customer.
Offers are phrased clearly in order to prevent misunderstandings between customer and supplier.
This transparency is further supported with drawings and more detailed explanations. The Woywod employee will remain the contact person for the whole duration of the project. This prevents important information from getting lost during the process.
This concept of quality is confirmed by the high proportion of customers with whom Woywod has been collaborating for many years.
The worldwide success of the PLASTICOLOR products required Woywod to think internationally.
For this purpose, Woywod has developed a dense network of sales partners and dealers in many countries around the globe.





The in-house design office provides support to the sales unit and works with the customers to implement the developed solutions. Our engineers are assisted by state-of-the-art computer technology and the best software programmes. Drawings can be exchanged in all common formats.
When we design special parts such as extruder adapters that are not available in our modular system, we submit them to the customer for approval before we produce them. These parts are only sent for production after repeated checking and approval by the customer.
Our PLASTICOLOR standard range is very modular, so as a rule we have to produce only few parts specifically for customers - which keeps our delivery times short.



Woywod delivers around the world. Long-term employees in our order processing unit guarantee that projects run smoothly, also in regard to the service required to deliver the goods to the production site as agreed. Our employees receive constant training, so their knowledge of regulations on customs handling, delivery documents, transport etc. is always up to date.

Maintenance / spare parts

In the unlikely event that problems do occur, we can help quickly, for example by providing support in the form of remote maintenance, which means our service employees perform online troubleshooting and render the necessary assistance.
We always have large quantities of all standard spare parts in stock. They can be shipped on the same day if ordered before 12 noon. Depending on the region, deliveries are possible on the next working day.
The cost to the customer of storing spare parts can to a large extent be dispensed with.