PLASTICOLOR Dosing units and mixing stations are designed and used for the dosing of granular, free flowing and non-sticky materials, such as masterbatch, regrind materials, virgin materials and PVC dry blends.
The fields of application cover all extrusion, blow-moulding and injection moulding manufacturing processes.


The PLASTICOLOR product range has an entirely modular structure. The design of the individual components is made that they can be combined to create an individual and tailor-made- system to suit the requirements. Thanks to the modular principle, it is possible to continue using the parts purchased during initial investment when upgrading (e.g. from volumetrics to gravimetrics), expanding or converting a PLASTICOLOR system. Practical requirements for different production lines are diverse and change quickly. This makes it very important that auxilary equipment can be adapted to the changed requirements. With PLASTICOLOR products, this is possible at any time.
PLASTICOLOR is a choice for current use that leaves all options open for the future.


The PLASTICOLOR modular system has five dosing unit sizes with a performance between 70 g/h and 6,600 kg/h. Dosing units can be used as individual dosing units, but can also be used in

  • Colour change systems
  • Dosing systems
  • Volumetric mixing stations
  • Gravimetric mixing stations
PLASTICOLOR product range - more information
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