Function of colour change systems

Changing colours by a flip of the switch: this feature is provided by using 2 or more PLASTICOLOR units.
Standard colour change systems consist of 2 to 8 PLASTICOLOR units, mounted at a common neckpiece. Special colour change systems for more than 8 components can be designed and supplied.
Every single unit is provided with a slide. The control enables you to shut down one dosing unit and to start another one at the same time.
This also closes and opens automatically the according slides. The metering of undesired material into the neckpiece is avoided. The second unit starts dosing exactly at the point where the first one stopped. The production is not interrupted.

Benefits of colour change systems:

  • Immediate colour change during production
  • Simple handling and operation
  • No more excess of pre-mixed material
  • Avoiding scrap production and waste

Colour change system
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