PLASTICOLOR - Dosing Units

The PLASTICOLOR modular system has four dosing unit sizes with a performance between 70 g/h and 3,500 kg/h.

  • It is easy to change screws - snap locks allow the motor to be folded away easily.
  • Quick cleaning by means of rapid discharge (manual or pneumatic)
  • Quantity control by means of a test opening (PC 3200)
  • During production, dosing units can be filled or emptied with the help of neckpiece slides (manual or pneumatic) that securely seal the devices against the neckpiece.
  • Further accessories include fill-level sensors for the neckpiece and/or hopper, powder seals, high capacity inserts/deflector plates for different materials or hopper slides

Dosing units can be used as individual dosing units, but can also be used in

  • Colour change systems
  • Dosing systems
  • Volumetric mixing stations
  • Gravimetric mixing stations
Dosing units
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